Days in SF (サンフランシスコ弾丸旅)



West Coast Craftに来てくださったみなさま、どうもありがとうございました!

We came back from San Francisco, our weekend trip.  West Coast Craft was fun as always!  Thank you very much for stopping by our booth.


It was so nice seeing my friends including Kriz (Concrete Geometric) at the show.



Every Friday, they have a night market at Fort Mason Center.  It is supposed to be the largest night market in SF.



(ちなみに、お好み焼きはアメリカ人が作っていて、お好み焼きがスティックに刺さってましたよ。 串焼き感覚?)

There are so many food vendors, and they all look yum!  It reminded me of Japanese street festivals in Japan.



ここの蟹とガーリックヌードルがとっても美味しかった! 蟹に夢中で写真なんか撮ってる場合じゃなかったのですが。。 レストランの名前はThanh Long Restaurantです。

During the trip, my friends took me to a crab restaurant called Thanh Long Restaurant.  Food was delicious!  I wish I could share some photos.  But sorry, I was too busy cracking crab legs.


See you, San Francisco in November!

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AYU Carlton

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